Sweet Jones Farms Enrichment Program Fundraiser

in partner with Ecolone Handmade Soaps Fundraising


Goal: $50,000

How Does My Purchase HelP?

Sweet Jones Farms has teamed up with Ecolone Handamde Soaps fundraising to make a difference in local and surrounding communities.  The proceeds from each purchase made will be used to create a self sustainable program to teach kids and young adults how to be farmers.  This also will include a summer camp for 2020. Your single purchase of a single bar of handmade soaps from Ecolone Handmade Soaps will provide an awareness for kids for the rest of their lives!  Thank you for your support!  Click Here for Corporate Benefits!

How will funds be used?

 All funds will  be used to create a hands on approach while teaching those to become farmers.  It will provide a kid safe environment along with the culinary aspects on how to cook freshly harvested foods.  It will be located on a 2-4 acre plot including green houses for winter growing techniques and include poultry and livestock teachings.  Our summer camp program will include field trips to other farms and a very fun and exciting way for kids to learn about farming and For private donations or those looking to make tax deductible contributions please email us support@sweetjonesfarms.com Click Here for Corporate Benefits!

How Do I Win Free Tickets to the Grand Opening?

We will be doing VIP ticket giveaways to lucky winners.  To enter this FREE sweepstakes, all you have to do is take a picture with the product and use the hashtag #BuyASoapHelpAKid in a post on social media.  You will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes. Each picture taken with the product and posted using the above hashtag will count individually.  Normal retail ticket value for this event will start off at $250!  So visit www.ecolonesworld.com today to support our cause!

Corporate Sponsors
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