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We take pride in offering our members high quality customer service along with the most important benefit of them all, the peace of mind of knowing where their food came from and how it was treated while growing.  Most families do not have the time to visit grocery stores and read every items ingredients and where it originated.  So we've granted our "busy" bee farm members something special which we deliver it to your doorstep!  Fresh from the farm, directly to your fork!

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Platinum Farmers Membership

Our Platinum Farmers Membership is a once in a lifetime deal for you and your family for only $40 a month!  This membership is for our members who are dedicated to helping us grow while we help their families grow also.  The Platinum Farmers Membership comes with super discounts and what we call "First Pickens" to a lot of seasonal and annual harvest.

Our Platinum Farmers Membership also receives a customized catered relationship to our farm.  From trail rides to free entry to our pop-up events. The Platinum Farmers Membership also receives discounts at their local favorite restaurants and shopping centers and more!  They receive a personalized membership card that they can present to our local partners and receive discounts!  This is by far the best package for a family of 3 and up.  One price for one family, no matter how many kids!  Sign up today!

Here at Sweet Jones Farms it isn't just about our members spending money.  It's more about educating and encouraging our members to save money by teaching them how to grow their own favorites at their own homes regardless of the space.  Our services are one of a kind and we only deliver what we know we can. 


Check out some of the services we offer our individual members and even corporate services!



We don't know everything at Sweet Jones Farms but we do take pride in what we know and how we can teach our members.  With our education center being updated as much as possible, this is where our members can go and learn about their favorite veggies, fruits, and more!

Like to Blog?  We offer unique availability for our members who are bloggers who advocate fresh farm-to-table food.  With a variety of teachings on how to grow food, tips and tricks, and more, our education center along with the Sweet Jones Farms App that's being created will have our members feeling and turning into real farmers!  Our education center is very interactive from pop quizzes and more where you could possibly win prizes!

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