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Louisiana Homemade Pecan Candy

Louisiana Homemade Pecan Candy


Made fresh to order, this is not your any ole pecan candy.  "Farmer Jones" was blessed with the families 80+ year old receipe to be passed down to him via his grandmother.  One of the many family kept secrets, this particular taste of pecan candy will completley satisfy your soul.  If you didn't know, African-American cooks working in the French colonists’ kitchens transformed the sugared-almond "praline" to "pecan candy". Because of Louisiana's abundance of them, pecans replaced almonds and milk was added. The final product was a sweet, creamy patty filled with pecans.


  • Shipping

    • Nation-Wide Shipping
    • Arrives chilled
  • Storage

    • Keep at room temperature
    • Keep Refrigerated 
    • Keep frozen for up to 2 months.  Make sure candy is placed in a freezer-burn proof bag
  • Ingredients



  • Cooking Instructions

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