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🧀 Hog Head Cheese🧀

🧀 Hog Head Cheese🧀


Looking for a delicious and authentic taste of the South? Look no further than our selection of mouth-watering Deer Sausage, Hog Head Cheese, Deer Boudin, and Cajun Boudin. This 50 plus year old hog head cheese is a classic southern delicacy that you simply have to try. Our version is made with tender, juicy pork meat and savory seasonings, giving it a distinct flavor that will transport your taste buds straight to the bayou.


  • Shipping

    • Nation-Wide Shipping
    • Arrives Frozen
    • Overnight Shipping Available
  • Storage

    • Keep Frozen until used
  • Ingredients

  • Cooking Directions

    Thaw out in the refrigerator until soft in the middle.  Find your favorite cracker or toast. Open and enjoy!

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