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Smoked Deer & Pork Sausage w/jalapeño & cream cheese (Case)

Smoked Deer & Pork Sausage w/jalapeño & cream cheese (Case)


Add something amazing to your cookouts! There could be a few, but through our family tradition, the only reason some wild meat tastes “gamey” is because it was not processed correclty. Our key to making deer meat taste great is to dress and clean the animal correctly, and butcher it correctly. Some people may not know, but venison is richer in protein than any other red meat. 

NOTE: Contact us for wholesale. Case includes 5 packs of 3 links in each pack.

  • Shipping

    • Nation-Wide Shipping Available
    • Arrives Frozen
    • Overnight Shipping Available
  • Storage

    • Keep Frozen until used
  • Ingredients

    Vension, green onions, Sweet Jones Theraphy, garlic powder, onion powder.


  • Cooking Directions



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