Here at Sweet Jones Farms it isn't just about our members spending money.  It's more about educating and encouraging our member to save money by teaching them how to grow their own favorites at their own homes regardless of the space.  Our services are one of a kind and we only deliver what we know we can.  Checkout some of the services we offer our individual members and even corporate services!


Yes you are correct if you are thinking like we hope you are thinking.  Our members at Sweet Jones Farms will be able to receive customized plans and help to build their own garden!  Why continue to spend money even with us, when your favorites can be grown right at home!

This is a service we really take pride in at our farm.  Our #BuildMyGarden program is mainly for our members but we offer these services to schools, camps, restaurants, professional chefs and more!  If you think you have a green thumb or not, Sweet Jones Farms will teach you every step of the way how to grow, manage and maintain your personal garden for your desired needs! 


You will not find this service anywhere else!  Most of americans go to their local grocery stores to buy food that was grown miles and miles away and shipped to them!  Time to know where your food comes from!  Our membership grows daily and we do have limits on our enrollment to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY! There is a difference between being nourished and being full!  Order your personal customized garden today!

Membership Sign Up

It's time for you and your family to know where your food comes from!  Our members at Sweet Jones Farms receive so many perks besides healthy food!  We are currently partnering with multiple companies around Louisiana to offer a once in a life time experience for our members!

We offer 2 exciting packages for our member to choose from.  We have a Gold membership that caters to our "on the go" members with special treats and foods mailed to their doorstep.  We also have the Platinum Membership for our small to large families and for those who want the FULL experience to our farm!  Platinum members also are invited to our Sweet Jones Farms Annual Seafood Boil & Cookout hosted right on the farm!

Education Center​

We don't know everything at Sweet Jones Farms but we do take pride in what we know and how we can teach our members.  With our education center being updated as much as possible, this is where our members can go and learn about their favorite veggies, fruits and more!

Like to Blog?  We offer unique availability for our  members who are bloggers who advocate fresh farm to table food.  With a variety of teachings on how to grow food, tips and tricks and more, our education center along with the Sweet Jones Farms App that's being created will have our members feeling and turning into real farmers!  Our education center is very interactive from pop quizzes and more where you could possibly when prizes!