We the only state that eats crawfish in December! Proud to be able to be more than just a LAND farmer, i'm a fisherman too!  These are LOUISIANA MUD BUGS!!  Yall make sure and ASK THEM WHERE THEY CRAWFISH come from whenever you eating them.  Louisiana has no reason to be importing these from other countries, and putting Louisiana labels on them! I'm a proud ass  country, cajun, God fearing man!  Huge thank you to the fisherman around the world! WE NOW HAVE CRAWFISH WHOLESALE AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP AT OUR STORE FRONT! NATION-WIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! #BlackCrawfishFarmer


✔How it Works✔:

$25 Non-Refundable Deposit

Orders must be placed by Tuesday each week

Pickups available Thursday-Sunday

Delivery Available (Minimum 10 sacs) (Nationwide Shipping)


❤For some of our out of town members, Though the crawfish boil wasn’t always as popular as it is today, eating crawfish in Louisiana dates all the way back to pre-colonial times. Native Americans were eating the shellfish long before European arrival. Local tribes would put reeds (crawfish traps) baited with deer meat into creeks and ponds to catch crawfish❤.


NOTE: Listed pricing is based per pound.

Live Crawfish


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