Baox is a high CBD sativa-dominant hemp hybrid. Although typically grown indoors, our unique source is grown outdoors and hand-trimmed.

It has a particularly earthy-green spicy aroma with a touch of funk that it received from its Kush lineage, and a similar, yet sweeter, flavor.

Baox buds are on the lighter side in both density and color, making them great for pre-roll joints. The light green calyxes contrast with the hunter green leaves and dark red hairs that give these flowers tremendous bag appeal.

Baox is best used for nighttime or evening relaxation sessions, and to combat the stress of daily life. It provides a strong sense of calm relaxation, along with boosts to mood and improvements to perceived inflammation-related pain.

Delta-8 CBD Chihuahua's Breath

  • Strain Genetics: BaOx Quality: Very High Grow Method: Organic Grow Habitat: Indoor Seeds: Minimal to None Batch: 0162 Origin: North Carolina Aroma: Sweet, Citrus Total Cannabinoids: 23.56% Total CBD: 22.51% CBD: 0.52% CBDa: 25.07% CBDV: 0.00% CBG: 0.00% CBN: 0.00% CBC: 0.00% Delta 9 THC*: 0.09% *Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%

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