Louisiana Creole Stuffed Artichoke anyone?!  This is a special treat that could possibly feed up to 3!  This stuffed artichoke is a great option for even an one item meal.  The base stuffing is made with italian bread crumbs mix with unsaled crackers softly heated and mixed with a number of Louisiana specialty herbs and spices.  This Creole Stuffed Artichoke is made with chickpeas as a substitute for meat. 


Note: We have an option of seafood stuffed artichoke which has grilled redfish and crawfish tails.  Make sure if you want the seaffod stuffed artichoke you select it under the option tab. WHEN BLACK TAB IS CIRECLED AFTER BEING CLICK, YOU HAVE SELECTED TO SEAFOOD OPTION.  The price may go up some as well.  If not selected, we will AUTOMATICALLY send you the #vegan version.

Vegan Creole Stuffed Artichoke

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Seafood Stuffed Artichoke: 1 pack