Membership Services

We take pride in offering our members high quality customer service along with the most important benefit of them all, the peace of mind of knowing where their food came from and how it was treated while growing.  Most families do not have the time to visit grocery stores and read every items ingredients and where it originated.  So we've granted our "busy" bee farm members something special which we deliver it to your doorstep!  Fresh from the farm, directly to your fork!

Sweet Jones Farms Helps Members Build Their Own Garden!


It doesn't matter if you "think" you have a green thumb or not.  A major perk of being a member at Sweet Jones Farms is we help our members save money by going to their home and creating a customized plan of how the would like their garden to look and we help prepare it while helping them all year long with questions for newbie and seasoned gardeners! ​

This is something you will not find anywhere else!  Another upside is the knowledge our members receive that can be passed on for generations to come to support and keep health as a main priority.  The sweat, the heat and all that comes with gardening is worth more than you can imagine.  We do not know it all, some of our members our the main reason we remain in a learning/teaching mindset as a farm.


God gave us this earth, and we will provide an experience for generations to come for our members.  From member trail rides and barn parties, to potential agriculture scholarships for our members kids to universities like LSU, and Southern University and more!  We are not just farming, we are farming for the soul!  Sign up today to nourish you and your families body!

The goat above is named Ladyee!  She is sweeter than pie and loves to break out her pen to eat in the gardens and fields!
Platinum Farmers Membership

Our Platinum Farmers Membership is a once in a lifetime deal for you and your family for only $40 a month!  This membership is for our members who are dedicated to helping us grow while we help their family grow also.  The Platinum Farmers Membership comes with super discounts and what we call "first pickens" to a lot of seasonal and annual harvest.

Our Platinum Farmers Membership receive a customized catered relationship to our farm.  From trail rides to free entry to our pop-up events. The Platinum Farmers Membership also receive discounts at their local favorite restaurants and shopping centers and more!  They receive a personalized membership card that they can present at our local partners and receive discounts!  This is by far the best package for a family of 3 and up.  One price for one family, no matter how many kids!  Sign up today!