They say we are what we eat.  Do you know where your food came from and how it was treated? Sign up for our monthly membership box and you and your family will have access to fresh organic vegetables, meats and treats! A BONUS you would receive is discounted purchases to our online store!


There is no way around it, we are what we eat!  Sweet Jones Farms is a farm located in a rural area northeast of Baton Rouge, LA.  We take pride in not only providing fresh and organic food to our members, but also the education!  Our farm focuses on helping our members create a green thumb to be able to grow and sustain their own garden!  Bottom line, we work to eat!  Sweet Jones Farms is a one of a kind farm that delivers it's freshly grown items to our members doorstep!  Sweet Jones Farms is not just a farm, its a family.

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Gulf Coast Blue Crabs

Want live crabs delivered to your door for festivities? Sweet Jones Farms members have access to fresh Louisiana Gulf Coast seafood!